Your PAC Funds at Work

At Campus View, our PAC raises funds for much needed programs and initiatives that enrich our children’s school experience.  At the beginning of the school year, we focus our efforts on a single donation drive. Examples of what donations support include:

  • Classroom Supply Fund for teachers and education assistants – $300 per class – $6900
  • School Wide Chess Lessons – $4500
  • Free Family Events – such as the Pancake Breakfast, Family Folk Dance and Parent Ed Nights- $2000
  • Equipment Upgrades such as gym equipment, musical instruments and team uniforms  – $3000
  • Fine Art Presentations – 2 fine art presentations/year $2000
  • Library Books – 2 Book Fairs/year to provide the library with funds for new books (~$1000)
  • Playground Replacement Fund – Goal is $120,000 (our current savings account holds $90,000)

The PAC reaches out to parents each September with details on how to donate. We welcome donations in any amount to help us reach our goals. We also welcome donations from grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, etc.