Volunteer Jobs

Campus View really is a family, and our parent community plays a big role in the joy and success of the school. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer. Many of the requests for volunteers occur about 2 weeks ahead of the events. However, there are many positions that run year-round:

Class Repsthe PAC requests a rep for each class. The responsibilities of the rep are to:

  • Liaise with the teacher to find out if they need help with field trips, reading groups, class parties, scholastic orders, etc.
  • Attend the PAC meetings, whenever possible, and distribute the meeting notes to the class via email.
  • Liaise with the families in the class, and if there is interest, organize the class gift(s) for the teacher(s).

Hot Lunch Volunteer – almost every Thursday the PAC distributes “Hot Lunch” to our students. We like about 10 volunteers/week, and it usually takes about 30 minutes/week. The responsibilities of a Hot Lunch Volunteer are to:

  • Help to sort the food, by division, into the (laundry) baskets, as listed on the printouts.
  • Wait until the coordinator gives the “go-ahead” to take the baskets to the classrooms.
  • Deliver baskets to the classrooms, and help hand out food if requested by the teacher.
  • Make sure baskets are returned to the lobby, and any recycling is put in the appropriate bins.

Hot Lunch Coordinator – one for each of the 4 different lunch menus. You need only show up for approximately 9 lunches/year. The responsibilities of a Hot Lunch Coordinator are to:

  • Deliver the laundry baskets to the vendor the day before (if needed – for Subway/Mucho Burrito).
  • Print the lists, as provided by the “Big Cheese’ of our Hot Lunch Program.
  • Mark the lists with highlighter for faster recognition. For example, you can indicate white/chocolate milk, or gluten-free options.
  • Arrive early, and place the laundry baskets in the hallway, sorted by division.
  • Get supplies (e.g. napkins, gloves, straws, forks, etc) needed from PAC storage.
  • Ensure the food arrives. If not, contact the vendor.
  • Direct the volunteers on how to sort the food (for example, it works better if the smaller pizza boxes go into the laundry baskets first), and when to deliver the baskets to the classrooms.
  • Clean up any garbage/recycling.
  • Wait for all the baskets to be returned, and wipe/store them.
  • Deliver extra food to the staff room.

VCPAC (Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) Rep The responsibilities of the VCPAC rep are to:

  • Attend VCPAC meetings and represent, speak and vote on behalf of the Campus View PAC.
  • Liaise with the Campus View PAC to find the best ways VCPAC can service them.
  • Report regularly to the membership and executive on all matters relating to VCPAC.
  • Lead discussions on issues where VCPAC is requiring feedback.
  • Give input to VCPAC on behalf of the Campus View PAC.
  • Receive, circulate and post VCPAC newsletters, brochures and announcements.
  • Receive and act on all other communications from VCPAC.
  • Encourage parent participation in VCPAC sponsored activities.
  • Liaise with other families and VCPAC representatives.
  • Submit an annual report.

Facebook Coordinator This is a great job for someone who enjoys posting to Facebook. The responsibilities of the Facebook Coordinator are to:

  • Update the School’s Facebook Page with event details, as needed.
  • Update the School’s Facebook Page with information relevant to our families.
  • Post event photos, while respecting everyone’s privacy.
  • Create a warm and welcoming environment.

Costco (Grocery) Shopper The PAC often needs items from grocery stores for our events. This is a great job for someone who frequently shops at Costco. The responsibilities of the Costco Shopper are to:

  • Liaise with the event coordinator. The event coordinator will provide a grocery list, and a date which the items are needed by.
  • Shop for the items, while trying to find the best price available.
  • Organize the delivery of the grocery items.
  • Provide a receipt, in a timely manner, to the PAC President/Treasurer by leaving it in the PAC mailbox at the school office. The PAC is usually able to reimburse within 2 weeks of receiving the receipt. Please pick up cheques in the school office.

If you have a question about volunteering, please contact our PAC President, cvpacpres@gmail.com.